C-TB1200-07 C-TB1200-07 Schulungsunterlagen

C-TB1200-07 C-TB1200-07 Schulungsunterlagen C-TB1200-07 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

What functions are available in the Human Resources module of SAP Business One?

A. Payroll processing
B. Shift planning
C. Employee master data
D. Recording and evaluation of absences
E. Tracking of employee costs and salaries

Answer: A,B,C,D,E

Prüfungsnummer : C-TB1200-07

Prüfungsnname Name:SAP Certified Implementation Consultant SAP Business One 2007

Version : Demo

C-TB1200-07 C-TB1200-07 C-TB1200-07 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

COG-132 COG-132 Schulungsunterlagen

COG-132 COG-132 Schulungsunterlagen  COG-132 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

In a transitive relationship scenario, what problems exist when reporting from the tables below?
A. The Order table must be included in each query.
B. The Order Detail table has conflicting cardinalities.
C. Outer joins are generated when querying from Customer.
D. There is more than one possible path between the tables.
Answer: D

Prüfungsnummer : COG-132

Prüfungsnname Name:IBM Cognos 8 BI Metadata Model Developer

Version : Demo

COG-132 COG-132 COG-132 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

COG-112 COG-112 IBM Cognos 8 BI Author

COG-112 COG-112 IBM Cognos 8 BI AuthorCOG-112 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

In Report Studio, based on the crosstab below, which of the following is true?
A. Sales territory is a parent to Quantity and Revenue.
B. Quantity and Revenue have a parent-child relationship.
C. Order method is a peer of Retailer type.
D. Sales territory is a peer of Order method.
Answer: A

Prüfungsnummer : COG-112

Prüfungsnname Name: IBM Cognos 8 BI Author

Version : Demo

COG-112 COG-112 COG-112 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

CLO-001 CLO-001CompTIA Cloud Essentials

CLO-001 CLO-001CompTIA Cloud Essentials  CLO-001 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

Digital identities for logging onto SaaS solutions should be issued by all the following EXCEPT:

A. A third-party identity provider.
B. The customer organization.
C. The SaaS provider.
D. A user.

Answer: D

Prüfungsnummer : CLO-001

Prüfungsnname Name: CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Version : Demo

CLO-001 CLO-001 CLO-001 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

CISM CISM Zertifizierung-portal

CISM CISM Zertifizierung-portal  CISM www.zertifizierung-portal.de

Senior management commitment and support for information security can BEST be obtained through presentations that:

A. use illustrative Prüfungsnnameples of successful attacks.
B. explain the technical risks to the organization.
C. evaluate the organization against best security practices.
D. tie security risks to key business objectives.

Answer: D

Prüfungsnummer : CISM

Prüfungsnname Name: Certified Information Security Manager

Version : Demo

Senior management seeks to understand the business justification for investing in security. This can best be accomplished by tying security to key business objectives. Senior management will not be as interested in technical risks or Prüfungsnnameples of successful attacks if they are not tied to the impact on business environment and objectives. Industry best practices are important to senior management but, again, senior management will give them the right level of importance when they are presented in terms of key business objectives.

CISM CISM CISM www.zertifizierung-portal.de


CISA CISA Isaca CISA  CISA www.zertifizierung-portal.de A number of system failures are occurring when corrections to previously detected errors are resubmitted for acceptance testing. This would indicate that the maintenance team is probably not adequately performing which of the following types of testing?
A. Unit testing
B. Integration testing
C. Design walk-throughs
D. Configuration management
Answer: B

A common system maintenance problem is that errors are often corrected quickly (especially when deadlines are tight) , units are tested by the programmer, and then transferred to the acceptance test area.
This often results in system problems that should have been detected during integration or system testing. Integration testing aims at ensuring that the major components of the system interface correctly.

Prüfungsnummer : CISA

Prüfungsnname Name: Isaca CISA

Version : Demo

CISA CISA CISA www.zertifizierung-portal.de

C_TSCM62_64 C_TSCM62_64 IT-Zertifizierung

C_TSCM62_64 C_TSCM62_64 IT-Zertifizierung  C_TSCM62_64 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

Which of the following Service Desk features provides all the functions to analyze and monitor an entire SAP solution centrally?

A. root cause analysis
B. Implementation Roadmap
C. SAP Notes
D. SAP Solution Manager diagnostics

Answer: D

Prüfungsnummer : C_TSCM62_64

Prüfungsnname Name: SAP Certified Application Associate – Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4

Version : Demo

C_TSCM62_64 C_TSCM62_64 C_TSCM62_64 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

C_TSCM52_64 C_TSCM52_64 Zertifizierung-portal

C_TSCM52_64 C_TSCM52_64 Zertifizierung-portal C_TSCM52_64 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

What does an account group determine when vendor master records are created?
(Choose three.)

A. The number range in which a vendor master record must be created for this account group
B. The default setting of the info update indicator in purchase orders for vendors in this account group
C. The field selection when a vendor master record is created for vendors in this account group
D. The interval of the number assignment (internal or external)
E. The sequence of tab pages when a vendor master record is created for vendors in this account group

Answer: A,C,D

Prüfungsnummer : C_TSCM52_64

Prüfungsnname Name: SAP Certified Application Associate – Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4

Version : Demo

C_TSCM52_64 C_TSCM52_64 C_TSCM52_64 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

C_TFIN52_64 C_TFIN52_64

C_TFIN52_64 C_TFIN52_64 C_TFIN52_64 www.zertifizierung-portal.de

Prüfungsnummer : C_TFIN52_64

Which are the correct series of steps in the payment program?
A. CD Maintain parameters, Proposal run, Printing Payment Media, Execute a payment run CD.
B. Proposal run, Maintain parameters, Printing Payment Media, Execute a payment run CD.
C. Proposal run, Execute a payment run, Printing Payment Media, Maintain parameters CD.
D. Maintain parameters, Printing Payment Media, Proposal run, Execute a payment run CD.
E. Maintain parameters, Proposal run, Execute a payment run, Printing Payment Media.

Answer: E

Prüfungsnname Name: SAP Certified Application Associate – Financial Accounting
with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4

Version : Demo

C_TFIN52_64 C_TFIN52_64 C_TFIN52_64 www.zertifizierung-portal.de