Echte Fragen 000-M235 ibm Fragenkatalog

Echte Fragen 000-M235 ibm Fragenkatalog

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Echte Fragen 000-M235 ibm Fragenkatalog

How does Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) help increase the number of Tivoli security wins, over time?

A. TDS is included in the packages for many Tivoli security solutions (TAMeb, TIM, TSIEM) and it enhances the package by offering a high performing, high availability user repository.
B. TDS customers get a discount for other Tivoli security products
C. Tivoli Directory Server is becoming ubiquitous (ever-present) and since Tivoli security products integrate with it, adding Tivoli security products to an operational environment becomes a much easier proposition.
D. TDS includes “try and buy” versions of the Tivoli security products

Answer: A

A client currently has IBM RealSecure Server Sensor protecting its Windows servers. What is the best product to which the client should migrate?
A. IBM Security ESC
B. IBM Security Server Protection
C. IBM Security VX
D. IBM Security Network IPS

Answer: B

Which 4 customer IT security challenges are targeted by the Tivoli Security solutions?

A. Physical security, application security, network security, meta-security.
B. Organizational, process, mindshare and service-delivery challenges.
C. Lower security costs, prove you know whose accessing what, managing the insider threat, and getting out ahead of security threats in general.
D. Challenges related to healthcare, finance, insurance and government

Answer: C

Echte Fragen 000-M235 ibm Fragenkatalog